connect:           2819 N. Southport Ave / Chicago /(312) 508-3286 / instagram: @snaggletoothchi
hours:                Thursday - Sunday / 8a - 4p 


What is it?

Snaggletooth is a small counter-service, seafood-centered restaurant with a nod to the type of old-school delis our parents and grandparents used to frequent (hello, Manny's!).

It was originally born from our mutual love of all-things seafood and all-things Midwest.  This city loves hard: our people, our sports and especially, our food.

But, what the fish? (or moreso, what about the fish?)

We're on a mission to bring back straightforward, approachable seafood to Chicago.

We're on a mission to recreate those simple yet important connections to the food we eat, to the community we serve and to the city we love.

We want you to fall in love with us.  With fish.

Hook. Line. Sinker.

Our Cured Fish Program

We're purists.

Each fish is brought in whole.  We scale, clean, trim and filet everything ourselves.  All the aromatics and herbs are hand-chopped.  The sides are wrapped meticulously in cheesecloth and dry-cured.  Once they're ready, we hand-slice each filet.  Is it a slow and methodical process?  Of course, but it makes all the difference.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our cured fish. 

You've never had anything like this.  Trust us.

Visit us @ our deli counter where you can buy any of our cured fish by the quarter pound.